[Be]tter people making better products.

Every member of the [Be]tter team has been hand-picked for their unique level of creativity, insight and professionalism — and they’re just plain likable.

Lead Visionary

Blair Wieland


After graduating from the University of Michigan and Notre Dame, Blair’s “strategy first” approach to innovation made him an internationally recognized, award-winning product designer. He is a five-time Neocon Gold award winner and has won the prestigious Gold Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America. Blair has been honored with the Center for Health Design’s Nightingale Product Design award for best healthcare product eight times. He also holds dozens of patents and has served on the executive boards of five nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Blair is a licensed pilot and scuba diver, and has finished two Ironman Triathalons. Blair needs a nap.

Strategic Mastermind

Ben Gregory


Plain and simple, Ben is smart. Maybe it’s because he has traveled to 29 countries. Maybe it’s the Masters of Business Administration degree, or almost 20 years of business to business and product marketing experience. But more than likely, it’s just his common sense approach. When you talk to Ben, be ready to answer four important questions:
1. Where are we today?
2. Where should we go?
3. How do we get there?
4. How are we doing along the way?
Pick a target and hit it. It doesn’t get any simpler, or smarter than that.


Dash Wieland


The only thing Dash enjoys more than finding interesting data is sharing it. Armed with a Master’s degree from Northwestern University, he crunches numbers to help him understand a product. “Deep understanding begets deep insight, and deep insight drives innovation,” says Dash. He’s also driven to connect with people. “For me, every room full of strangers is a room full of potential friends. When my social ability meets my statistical prowess, I’m a bit like a golden retriever with a graphing calculator.” His thirst for novelty and new faces has led him to visit all 50 states. According to Dash, “everything you’ve heard about North Dakota is true.”

Brew Guru

Bo Wieland


“Do your job amazingly.” That is Bo’s key to a good client relationship. “Make an amazing product that they love – that’s my service to the client. Armed with majors in Product Design and Consumer Behaviorism from Goldsmith University, he loves to discover new ideas that will change the way products function for the better. When Bo isn’t brewing up new ideas, he applies his deep coffee knowledge and brewing skills to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Tucker Wieland


Tucker serves as the backbone of [Be]tter’s Project Management team — driving the process forward and ensuring that all goals and timelines are being met. He explains that his favorite part of the job is “…the diversity in industries, business models, and business owners.” Tucker says, “The most important thing is to deeply and truly understand the client’s business. That’s when the real insight comes.” His skills go way beyond project management, as Tucker is a decorated veteran of the local county fairs where he showed cattle for nearly a decade. He has also traveled extensively in Eastern Europe, visiting every country that touches the Baltic Sea. From the shores of Lithuania to a local farm, Tucker is most at home when building relationships and guiding his team.


Tanya Spangler


Whether she’s balancing them or reading them, Tanya loves a good book. For more than 20 years, she has been helping businesses and individuals manage their finances. It’s a responsibility she takes very seriously. “It’s important that I treat clients the way I want to be treated,” says Tanya. “Without clients, I’d have to find a new line of work and I really like what I’m doing. Tanya is currently a quarter of the way through a multi-year project to read through the Bible using Warren Wiersbe’s Exposition Commentary as her guide.

Great minds think unalike.

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